Hedge trim features

1. Take advantage of Japanese skills, the power is weak and unchanged, the cylinder wall is treated by chrome plating, coupled with the strengthening of the crankshaft, greatly extending the service life of the launching machine.

2. The parts are fine, and the integrated sealed bearing can avoid the problems of the traditional needle roller bearing frequency card machine, and then can reduce the maintenance cost of the user.

3. Efficient and durable blades, the task efficiency is improved, the amount of tasks per day is equivalent to the labor of 15-20 workers, and the user's operating cost is greatly reduced.

4. Various styles, customers can choose the blade blade as a single blade, safe and reliable function, easy to operate and simple.

When the hedge trimmer is used, if the oil is not enough to pull the cylinder, the following are some precautions:

The hedge trimmer is a two-stroke power. In the application, it should pay attention to the three aspects of power, transmission and tool, which can be used for the normal operation of the machine:

1. Initiating machine:

A. pass the gasoline and engine oil, including its inclusion ratio (25:1);

B. Introspection (25 hours) introspection and change of air filter to reflect spark plugs;

C. After a tank of oil for each task, rest for 10 minutes. After each task, clear the gaps of the machine to ensure heat dissipation.

D. When storing, it is necessary to clear the body, put away the mixed fuel, and burn the fuel in the carburetor; remove the spark plug, take 1-2ml of two-stroke engine oil into the cylinder, pull the starter 2-3 times, and install the spark plug.

2. Transmission: Add smooth grease on schedule (25 hours).

3. Tool: Inspect the gap between the upper and lower blades on time (25 hours), and adjust in real time (distance is the half-turn thread distance of the bolt), and insist on sharp edges. Fill the blade with oil for one hour per task and trim the diameter.